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Last update 08/June/2015
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SESSION 1 What do you need to create a game?
      Let's make a game! But where do you start?
SESSION 2 Let's choose development language
      Let's take a look at development language
      Interpreter and compiler
      Which development language to lean?
SESSION 3 What is Java?
      Basics for Java
      The main features of Java
      Java's edition
      Java's execute form
      JRE(Java Runtime Environment)
      Java's API
SESSION 4 Let's create a development environment
      Let's look at development languages
      Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
      GUI and CUI
      Installing an Integrated Development Environment
SESSION 5 Program Basics
      Let's prepare the development environment
      Before you start programming
      The flow of program creation (development process)
      The common rules of Java programming
      Create a project
      Source Files
SESSION 6 How to write a program 1
      Your first time programming
      Standard Input / Standard Output
      Source File Structure
      Other Structures
      The flow of program run-time
      Main function (Main method)
      Basics of how to write
      Standard Output Process
      Basics of how to write
      Exercise 1: Question
      Exercise 1: Answer
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