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<Let's create a game!> Introduction of programming for absolute beginners
Last update 08/June/2014
<Let's create a game!> Introduction of programming for absolute beginners 
 - Programming of a pleasant hobby -
Target and objective
Absolute beginners who have no experience at all in programming and anyone who would like to learn Java.
To learn the basic of program through creating computer game.
This is an instruction course of programming for absolute beginners who have no experience at all in programming and anyone who would like to learn Java. Java tutorials for beginners.
We are going to learn the development language and things need for development that are basic of program and game creating from scratch, through learning how to create a game .Please use as a programming guide book.
We use Java for the lesson, and make it like a cartoon with lots of figures and pictures to explain in the way that beginners could easily understand about creating application or game programming.

Our aim is to help you master the programming skill through creating a computer game.

Please be aware that although the contents are carefully written, they are based on the author's understanding and experience, therefore there may be some mistakes.

Please be aware that contents are updated irregularly.

This story is a fiction therefore there is no connection with real person, group etc.
Also, the rights mentioned in the story that are approved by the law such as copy right will belong to each right holder.
The characters
[Koto] Kotobuki Niibi
A girl who loves drawing pictures.
For some reason, it seems that
she wants to be able to create a
game by herself….

An unidentified creature in fish shape
Arrogant and bossy
He just happened to be teaching [Koto]
how to create a game….


  Japan ver. English ver.    
  19/May/2008 14/Aug./2013 SESSION 1 What do you need to create a game?
  08/June/2008 14/Aug./2013 SESSION 2 Let's choose development language
  12/July/2008 14/Aug./2013 SESSION 3 What is Java?
  24/Aug./2008 30/May/2014 SESSION 4 Let's create a development environment
  21/Mar./2010 02/June/2014 SESSION 5 Program Basics
  05/June/2010 08/June/2014 SESSION 6 How to write a program 1
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