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SESSION 3 What is Java?
Basics for Java


What's up?

Hey, you look sleepy.
What did you until late
last night?

【Drug and drop】
It means to move the mouse
while clicking a file
and release at where you want.
It moves files.

In Japanese,
"Hikizutte (Drug)
Sosite Otosu!!! (and drop)"

Wha, what the…!?

It is ".***" which is attached
at the end of file name.
It shows the type of file.
Windows text file will be ".txt"

Some OS don't show it, so
you have to change settings to see!!!

C'mon, c'mon!

Ask me any question!
I can answer!

Ask me! Ask me!
…I, I am sorry
…I was wrong….

(Gosh, I didn't know she was
 still holding me a grudge…. )

OK then,

You are forgiven!
(Damn, why do I have to be….)

So, you want to go to sleep, right?

Then, you are no good today, I think.
Go home and have a sleep.

you ARE sleeping!

(How can you do it…?)
【Inter printer】
It is a new printer….

You are wrong
by the way

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