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SESSION 2 Let's choose development language
Let's take a look at development language

are you sure you
want to continue?
You have long way
to go.
That was misunderstanding
with double click!

You should have asked
me like,
"What do you call to press
mouse button twice in a row?".

Everyone knows that.Right?

(…then, the question is
almost the answer anyway…)

Dear me…

Now, do you know this term?
Drug and…
Right, forget about the thing
of past.
Never mind!Never mind!

What's next!?




Last time at
"What you need to start",
Computer and
internet environment

have been confirmed.
We still haven't looked at
development environment yet.

Because you have to decide
development language to decide
development environment…

Let's have a look at
development language next.

Alright, let's get into it!

Development language
(programming language)
means a
language used to create
computer program.

You are going to use this to write program.

Therefore, the general purpose of
this session is to remember this.

You understand what program is,
don't you?
Things like game or word processor soft.

They are in a CD, right?

That's right, they need to create
what is generally called

It is sort of like a language needed to
command computer.
So, if you don't remember,
you can't create a game.

There are many different
development language
depending on its usage/object,
but with my own opinion and judgment,
I have just gathered the ones that
could be used for a game.

I guess it looks like this…

Main development language(Creating application,Format of program execution) 



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