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SESSION 1 What do you need to create a game?
Let's make a game! But where do you start?

Oh, dear…
I wish it wasn't you but
someone else.

But, I made a promise,I know.
Shall we start…?

Alright, let's get into it!

Tell me what
you need to create a
computer game?
…plus fighting spirit or
things like that?

What the…

Umm…anything else?
Passion and patience are
also important, huh?
And friends! FRIENDS!
One for drawing picture,
and one for making music…

That, is actually correct, but…
(Who would have thought that
you would think that way…)

Not quite like that, but you know,
kind of more like some material
stuff that you need...
See, it is development of
a computer game that
we are talking about, so
a thing that we need
in the first place will be…
A thing?
A note to write down
your idea anda pencil maybe?
Because you can
draw picture with it, too.


…To create a computer game,
what we need are things like these.

(They are indeed not incorrect,
so I can't deny it…ahhh)

Things that we need to create a game

What we need:
- A computer
  Minimum system requirement for development tool
used in this session
Processer: Above Intel Pentium III 800 MHz or
 similar product
Memory: More than 512MB
Hard disk space: More than 850MB
- Internet connection environment
  For downloading soft or collecting information
- Development environment
(Development tool)

What we need
to know:
- Basic computer knowledge
- Development language(Programming language)
- Development environment(Development tool)
- Others
Drawing picture, and making music etc in some cases

- Idea of the game that you create
- Concept, contents, and story of the game
- Picking up the other tasks needed
Drawing picture, and making music etc

let's see how this applies to you…

You have come to me, which means
you are OK with
internet environment, I guess.

It seems that you have
relatively new computer as well.

I believe that you know the basics of
how to use computer, "of course"?
Of course!

I am using it for my part time job, and
at school, so no problems.


Then, what is
double click?

Are you able to tell me?
C'mon, you kidding me?

Of course,
it is to press
two buttons of mouse
at the same time!


…Gosh, please go home…

Checking requirement of computer
For those who are reading this page, from "What we need:" section,

- Computer
- Internet connection environment

must be already there with you.

Minimum requirement spec for computer is an environment that
we at least require
to use development tool (development soft) at the sessions coming up..
Because it consumes quite a lot of power of computer with the soft used for development,
it is preferred to have a new one so that you can develop comfortably. It will be smooth if it has more than 1GB.

What we need to know:
You need to have knowledge of development language as well as development environment (development tool) to create a game.
Using internet
There are many information about program on internet.
They are very useful to look up some words or collect information.
Even for beginners, there are so many better sites than this site...
So please read as many of them as you can.
Planning what kind of game you want to create
It will take time to get a good idea or come up with game contents, so you have to keep thinking daily.
Without thinking about limitation of computer, just to have some fun ideas will definitely become handy later.
It will be a good idea to write down on your "idea note" each time.
There may be lots of other stuff that you would need.
Let's think about it.
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