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*1 Security: The online games on this website are created as Java applets.
Java applets are designed based on the sandbox framework, which has been considered safe.
However, more and more security attacks exploiting vulnerabilities in Java are reported in recent years, and its security does not seem no longer assured.
We recommend that you use the Java's automatic update function to update to the latest version of Java. For details, click here.

*2 Antivirus Protection: We check the security as appropriate during software developments and updates in addition to regular security checks by using both commercial and free antivirus software.
A large number of free and open source software packages, including Java,
are used to build the applications on this website.
Free fonts, such as M+ Fonts, VL Gothic Font family, and Ume Font, are used to create images.
We would like to express our gratitude for the developers of these fonts.


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